Preparation For Winter Storm Damage In Nebraska

By Rick Hovanec

Preparing your home for winter is easier and much cheaper than pumping out stormwater or patching a roof when the temperature is below freezing. Every year, we arrive at a home with storm damage that was preventable.

The first thing we check is the roof. Since tiles overlap, I never rely on a visual check. The best way is still to climb onto a roof and carefully walk the entire area. If I find a soft spot, I mark it with a quick dot of water-soluble spray paint which can be washed away with a garden hose in less than a minute. It provides a good reference point, and if there are multiple dots in a small section, that indicates a major leak where the tiles and the wood underneath ought to be removed and replaced.

Once I finish checking the roof, I perform another walk-around to check the gutters. Much of the water that stains siding and bricks drip down from the edge of the roof when the gutters are clogged or have pulled away from the edge; even just a fraction of an inch. Clearing them out only takes about an hour for most homes. Repairing and reattaching gutters might take a day to complete, but it is much cheaper than replacing them after a blizzard rips them off the roof.

While I am doing all of this, another member of the work crew checks the drain pipes for connection to the gutter system and the side of the home. Water that does not drain correctly tends to pool against the side of a home, which adds to a flooding problem and washes away expensive landscaping efforts.

If water has already dug into the dirt around a house, the basement could be at risk as well. To prevent intrusion, we recommend sealing access to it. Our technicians accomplish that by exposing and cleaning the walls below ground level. We then coat the surface with a thick, rubber cement that resists even extreme weather.

If you want to try and get ahead of the coming winter storm damage, contact a professional storm damage restoration service today. Agents are happy to schedule an inspection and help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


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Richard Hovanec

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